What Can Weatherford Electric Do for You?

Hire our Grovetown, GA based company for your electrical repairs

Weatherford Electric is a company that believes you deserve a responsive, reliable electrical system in your home. Whether your property is brand-new or decades old, you can enjoy modern amenities at the flip of a switch. Call us today at (706) 830-5902 to schedule your services.

We can install it all in the Grovetown, Harlem, Augusta, and Thomson area

At Weatherford Electric, we specialize in small-scale electrical projects, but we have the know-how to tackle electrical work on room additions and remodels. In addition to service changes, you can trust our electricians to:

We can help you see your backyard in a new light

Weatherford Electric is the Grovetown, Georgia crew to call if you'd like to outfit your yard with attractive and illuminating outdoor lighting serving all surrounding areas. Offering a boost to your property's safety and style, our systems are made to look great and last for years to come. We offer cutting-edge options for:

Trust your property to a team with proven electrical chops. If you live in the Grovetown, Harlem and Thomson area Call (706) 830-5902 to request a consultation with one of our skilled electricians.