Understand Electrical Safety

Understand Electrical Safety

Stay safe by hiring an insured electrician based in Grovetown, GA

Electrical safety is extremely important. There are more than 51,000 electrical fires every year in the United States. Weatherford Electric is home to the professional electrician you need to keep your home and family safe.

You can count on our licensed, bonded and insured electrician for long-lasting services you can count on. Hiring someone who's insured is important because we can handle projects of all sizes while providing efficient and reliable electrical services.

Call (706) 830-5902 today to hire an insured electrician based out of Grovetown, GA. We are based in Grovetown, but also service the greater Harlem, Thomson, and Augusta, GA areas.

Follow basic safety practices in your home

Electrical currents can cause electric shocks, burns and even death. It's important to practice electrical safety during electrical repairs. You should:

  • Never do electrical work with wet hands or near water
  • Unplug any cords from the outlet by pulling on the plug, not the cord
  • Avoid overloading your outlets
  • Inspect your electrical cords regularly
  • Stop using anything that feels overheated
Better yet, just leave the electrical work to the professionals. Contact Weatherford Electric today to learn more about safety from an insured electrician based in Grovetown, GA.