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Call on us when you need an industrial electrician.

If you have needed electrical work on machinery, motors, or other high-voltage electrical parts, you might not know that an industrial electrician should be your go-to choice. Once you do know, you might wonder how to find one. Fortunately, if you are in the Augusta, Georgia area, you can call on us at Weatherford Electric for our services as an industrial electrician.

Industrial Electrician in Augusta, Georgia

As an industrial electrician, we can handle any services you may need for both basic electrical parts and higher-voltage components, like machinery, circuit boards, and more. You can trust that we will always deliver safe and professional results with any of our services because we always take the time to understand and adhere to any local or state building and electrical codes and regulations, as well as taking the necessary safety precautions as we work.

Whether you need installations, repairs, replacements, wiring services, maintenance, inspections, or otherwise, you can count on us for the job. We always take our job seriously, so your equipment, machinery, circuit boards, or other electrical components will be in better shape than we found them. We are licensed and certified, and we even offer a one-year warranty on any work we provide for extra peace of mind. We can also offer any new build, residential, and commercial electrical services that you may need in addition to our work as your industrial electrician.

Don’t hesitate to call on us for any services you may need from a reliable industrial technician. Give us a call to schedule service or learn more today.

What Working with an Experienced Electrician Looks Like

At Weatherford Electric, our industrial electricians proudly serve customers in Augusta, Harlem, Grovetown, Hephzibah, Evans, Lincolnton, Appling, South Augusta, Dearing, Martinez, Thomson, Berzelia, and Waynesboro, Georgia.

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